The key to peace of mind

MEG Recruitment Solutions work with you on a consultancy basis to help improve your performance in attracting, selecting and developing your workforce expertise. Our extensive knowledge of best recruitment practice and comprehensive experience of the recruitment marketplace is second to none. With our understanding of the relationship between candidates and potential employers we are able to offer invaluable insight into the recruitment process.

We can step into the recruitment cycle at any stage to help with your needs, including:

• Job analysis
• Writing job descriptions
• Writing person specifications
• Writing advertising copy
• Developing Attraction Campaigns including your own website and managing internal candidates
• Working the role using our own resources
• Managing a group of agencies to fill your roles

We also offer diverse skills in the mechanics of the recruitment process, such as planning and implementing a tender process, sourcing and setting up preferred supplier lists and master vendors as well as thorough analyses of the processes throughout your business.

Our consultancy services also include carrying out a recruitment health check. This can lead to us writing new processes and implementation across your business. We will then be able to deliver and train your line managers on the new recruitment process.

In addition to our recruitment consultancy we have associates who can offer services for HR, Training and Development and Procurement.

If you feel there may be room for improvement in staff recruitment, retention or development within your business, contact MEG Recruitment Solutions to discuss your more detailed requirements – you are assured of expert, independent advice.

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